Name-dropping: Bowerbirds, Can Joann

Ever since the Guillemots, I’ve developed a teensy prejudice that bands named after bird species can do no (major) wrong. Though in an entirely different direction, Bowerbirds are immediately lovable – in a nouveau Americana, indie-folk, vaguely-accordeon backdropped way. I’m feeling the self-deprecation: They have met wonderful folks in Tucson, AZ and sung there tiny little songs there. Their songs aren’t pygmy-like, they’re medium-sized at least. Ain’t got no mp3s but check out their site.
Scratch that last bit. Hurrah, Burly Time Records know you blog munchkins like your previews, so here’s a song to download.

Bowerbirds – In Our Talons mp3

Can Joann on the other hand I must present my public apologies to, I told them I’d post about them but alas I rarely post any more (and my wondering why people say they don’t have time to check out music due to lack of time finally ceased). Anyway, Can Joann’s Ryan told me about Bower birds, so cheers.. and here’s my favourite Can Joann song. Yes yes, more indie to be had on this post.. They are pretty refreshing as far as guitars go these days, this being one of them peppy-yet-still-undergroundish tunes. And behold the poster to your left. Does it get any indie-er than this? Er.

Can Joann – Lady Luck mp3

As a preview of sorts, I’m looking into Japanese indie (not only rock), the music my college peers have been recommending isn’t worth mentioning, and I’m sure there’s more to contemporary Japan than a cornucopia of J-pop/rock/whatever else. So I’ll be scouring for the weirdos.

One thought on “Name-dropping: Bowerbirds, Can Joann

  1. bowerbirds are divine… after several unsuccessful attempts i managed to find an album (or single, i’m not sure) thanks for all the goodies 🙂 merry xmas!

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