Sucking the juice outta Myspace

For all the stick it gets for its regular users, there’s tons of good music on myspace. but you really have to be in the mood to start searching for it. Or you need a good starting point. Otherwise great artists who are picky about their top friends is a good idea.

A Hack And A Hacksaw’s myspace saw my venture to unknown musical territories progress in mere seconds, and here’s what I got for you:

Vialka, French? Canadian? and not sporting enough page views, are a Turbofolkgypsypunk Micro-Orchestra (their own choice of words, and I find it rather fitting). They’ve been around, either in other jazz-punk bands, and state that [Vialka] is not just a musical project, but a social scientific experiment, attempting to meet and communicate with interesting and unknown musicians and artists from around the world – with particular interest in polluted dictatorships, bleak colonies, and monarchic democracies… Adorable, no? It’s like a couple bohemian students decided to make a social studies experiment, and let the whole world in on it.

Vialka – Village Mentality Part 2 mp3 (via their site)

Bacanal Intruder – there’s the name. And the music fits it. Eglantine Records have a preview fix for us – a sampler of all their forthcoming releases – several mp3 goodies. There’s noone that should go unmentioned here (Malthyrust, Nij, Polyanna, Christophe Baileau + Won?) but Bacanal Intruder is my absolute favourite. Think Sigur Ros on an even more experimental day than usual. I promise this is perfect.
the Loners On Wheels – French still, this is music that sucks you in and shows you around. I’m not partial to tagging a sound, and I love the untaggables – Loners on Wheels are, as such, incredibly unbound to categories and genres, although they show signs of acoustic-electronic experimental. His sounds set the mood for more and you’ll probably dig them if you like classical or any kind of the wordless, multi-layer clad music. My favourite on this list. Download La Neige here, but really now, go to their myspace. Skedaddle!

Sunny Day Sets Fire are a UK-based band that do pop. But nowadays pop has been recalculated, out of this new equation do SDSF emerge. They’re setting the stage for art-pop folks everywhere, describing their music as burps with feedback. Need more incentive to do the click? What lazy readers I have.

Sunny Day Sets Fire – Wilderness mp3

And finally, Austin TV were recommended to me a while back by a reader, Miguel. I had no idea Mexico had generated something so sonically prolific.

Atmospheric prog-rock in a weird bunny-mask-filtered incarnation, but hey – at least it’s not a political statement. The masked bunnymen are asking you to be yourselves. Aw.

Austin TV – Màs Que Nada En El Mundo mp3


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