I want a refund

It’s EMA time again, in less than a month. MTV says “Vote”. Well now.. With online and WAP voting, supporting your favourite band at the MTV Europe Music Awards has never been more ridiculous easier.

And what favourite band might that be? The Hip Hop section has got me all confused. I shall state the obvious.

a. They’re all pretty much crap and b. They’re all un-European. I won’t go asking ridiculous questions, like Why not support more alternative (and maybe European, as it’s the EMAs) hip hop artists until they become mainstream just by airing some vids. Alienating the kids who watch MTV? They watch whatever MTV tells them to watch anyway. MTV is beyond that. MTV has shows to celebrate the music and videos they’re no longer playing.



yes it’s music television

I’m not going to tackle the other sections, it’s just the staple bag of poo, and you are invited to stick yer finger in. Go on then.

You can tsk me. I did vote for Lily Allen @ the UK and Ireland Act section.

2 thoughts on “I want a refund

  1. Not that you need me to tell you this, but when was the last time MTV were on the ball with something? They’re just another cog in the huge global music marketing campaign. Fuck ’em, fuck ’em in the arse.

  2. Well I used to watch the EMAs, before that I used to completely engulf myself in the music videos. Videos that still haunt me. In an acultural environment like the post-communist era in Romania, MTV was a Godsend. Then came the regional channel which neutered whatever balls were left on music tv, and marked the demise of our relationship.

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