So’s Your Baby Fratelli

UPDATE: Sorry for the bad links, it should be sorted soon with filelodge. Meanwhile I posted mirrors.

Don’t shit your pants ’cause I’ll be talking about an extremely hyped band for the next few lines.
The Fratellis. When I first read about them in my Warsaw-acquired NME (NME is apparently banned in Romania, de facto), back in July, all I thought was, Not another Brit-rock band, with “sharp” lyrics and a “no-nonsense” attitude. Like I was ever going to listen to them. The only thing that was remotely compelling was lead singer Jon Fratelli saying that no one writes story-based lyrics anymore, and that it was a right shame, Or something.

But I listened to the album recently, and a beast was unleashed on my stereo. A beast what soon will not leave its designated, laser-read handy territory. I mean, fuck, there isn’t one truly bad or out of place song in this post-Libertines earscape. Post-Libertines.. That probably makes the Fratellis post-postmodern-Brit pop. There are highlights in here, on Costello Music, but I can’t particularly say whether some songs are better than others. They are all cotton-candy simmering in a pint.Personally I can’t listen to this too much while I’m on the go, because I’ll feel like dancing and people look funny at you when you prance around on highstreets. OK, I’ll agree with the “no-nonsense”. The Fratellis don’t seem to make any compromises here, but the outcome is freakishly endearing, drawing influences from The Beatles or The Stones, as likeable as The Kooks, but better.

The Fratellis – Baby Fratelli (mirror location)

The Fratellis – Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night (mirror location)

Check out their myspace for more music.

I’m also going to squeeze in a mixtape recommendation here: 18 songs For Your Autumn. Deerhoof, Jens Lekman, Gotye, the infamous Girl Talk. I’ve been listening to it a lot, and although most of the songs were familiar to me, this is great sequencing too.

7 thoughts on “So’s Your Baby Fratelli

  1. It’s taken a long while for my mate Wally (Gotye) to start getting proper recognition outside of Australia. He’s playing a big festival in Sydney during December, but as far as I know has still not got his band sorted! We had joked that I might need to play the spoons for him, he told me to learn “tie me kangaroo down sport”. But he is also hoping to get his latest album released in the UK sometime next year. Both his solo albums are fantastic, although the first is more strictly leftfield downtempo, whilst the latest is a right mish-mash of sounds.

  2. Gav, living in Australia does have its good points, yeah?! Playing the spoons for Gotye, that’s almost like artistic achievement.
    Doug, you already know by now your mixthing is giving me the heebie jeebies, it’s that good.
    forgotten machine, ta right back and don’t stumble here too often, cause my forgetting-to-update syndrome is still going dahhn. I’m seeking psychiatric assistance.

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