Ali Love

I was tempted to spice up the title with some exclamation marks, three seems to be the norm in this case. Sobriety caught up with me, even though this guy deserves at least one for each of his personalities.

Musically, multiple personalities are good news for Ali Love. The 25-year old Londoner is currently playing hop-scotch with the genres thing, and giving me a headache, if I were the type of person who got headaches. Because I can’t describe this music without getting all sub-genrey, which I can’t stand. Which takes nothing from its quality.
There’s this electronic streak on a glam-pop background travelling one song, then minor keys and a sparse, electricity-filled acoustic earscape on the next. Naturally, he writes, plays and produces all his songs.

We’ll accept nothing else since the bar’s been raised on what I might call faux-indie (the music people like to tag as indie on just because it’s not exactly mainstream pop-rock; not good enough people). Anyway, this is indie, since Ali’s records are released on his own label, I Love Records.
May I present you with the mighty catchy Rock N Roll Control.

Ali Love – Rock N Roll Control mp3

But don’t think you’ve got Ali Love tagged just by that. You might want to listen to this too, where he gets all nostalgic the postmodern-folk way:

Ali Love – Post Modern Blues mp3*

To listen to more, go to Ali’s MySpace page.

*I used a new file host here, mooloader. If you have any problems let me know


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