Jamie T sings, does video

Aren’t the things a blogger doesn’t say seem more compelling than the ones they do?

Thus I completely forgot to mention one of Jamie Ts later offerings, Oh My Girl. Sounds like a gang of blokes returning from pubs, still clinging to their pints and haunted by girls of the past, might belt this out between harmonic belching.

Listen on Grooveshark: Jamie T – Oh My Girl

I do not know when Jamie T’s album’s out, but that means they don’t either. Probably if it’s not mastered in time for Christmas it won’t be this year, and January is a stupid time to release music, so it’s spring then, by which time there’s going to be new material instead of reworked demos.

For now, there’s a single, If You Got The Money, and a darn good video to keep me happy for ay while.

And now, a request on my part. Does anybody know anything about the Lily Allen – Jamie T track they recorded together a couple of months back? What ever happened to leaking.

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14 thoughts on “Jamie T sings, does video

  1. Jamie T is something very special, I am sure I have been annoying all my mates for the last year by constantly telling them to give him a listen.

    I missed him at the V-Fest but am seeing him on the 17th at Birminghams Academy.

    Excellent post, think I’m gonna read more of your blog as I am guessing your very cool. :-p

  2. Some need to see Jamie T’s live antics to get the whole picture.

    Obviously I am such a cool person 😉 because I have no scene (here in Bucharest) and I maybe appreciate artists more than your regular First-Worlder spoilt for choice as far as seeing an artist live is concerned. I have nothing. There is only emptiness in my life, haha. Hm

  3. Rumour has it that Lilly Allen appears on the track you’ve just posted – Oh My Girl. When JT is on the phone to his girlfriend half way through the song, that’s supposedly her. Can’t really tell myself.

  4. The girl on the phone sounds like Lily at any rate.
    I personally think Oh My Girl is the worst song of his that I’ve heard.

    He is fantastic live and you all must see him if you get the chance!

  5. Hm, well I was expecting something a tad more consistent than a bored girlfriend. It does sound like Lily, but then Lily’s voice doesn’t sound any different from another thousand girls’.

  6. I think it is her on Oh My Girl.

    However, rumour has it she’s recorded a chorus on one of his songs, so I’d imagine there’s still an album track or b-side with her knocking about.

  7. I guess you all already know Lily Allen did some vocals on Robbie Williams CD ‘Rudebox’, (will be released on 23 October)…
    At least she’ll be in the song ‘King of the bongo’.

    I wont spend my money on that but maybe someone else will.

  8. Here’s the above mentioned song (thanks goes to Escapology):
    [audio src="http://rapidshare.de/files/36770834/04_Bongo_Bong__Je_Ne_T_Aime_Plus.mp3" /]

  9. It’s not her on ‘Oh My Girl’ and the track she’s on won’t be on the album (out January 23 if memory serves me right). The reason is Jamie T wasn’t happy with the mix of the track so decided to mess about with the drumming and ruined the song.

    Fans on the board seem to be debating whether to push for him to give it away for free (like ‘Oh My Girl’ and his best song ‘Do You Have the Time?’).

    Hope that helps.


  10. Jamie-T @ BBC Electric Proms, Full Set.

    Seeing as it’s scheduled to be removed from the BBC website……………………………….

    Visit : http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D7435C191D5E969E

    Comprising of only the 10 song set that Jamie-T played, it gives you the chance to watch any song/s you like in any order.
    Hope you find it useful.
    Or For Same options via website,
    Visit : http://www.mp3-easy.com/mp3blog/2006/11/watch-video-of-jamie-t-full-set-live.html

  11. The singer confirms details for first LP
    Jamie T is set to release his debut album ‘Panic Prevention’ on January 29.

    The album features ‘Calm Down Dearest’, Jamie T’s next single, which is released on January 15.

    The tracklisting for ‘Panic Prevention’ is:

    ‘Brand New Bass Guitar’
    ‘Calm Down Dearest’
    ‘So Lonely Was The Ballad’
    ‘Back In The Game’
    ‘Dry Off Your Cheeks’
    ‘Ike And Tina’
    ‘If You Got The Money’
    ‘Alicia Keys’

  12. A track called “Young Rawhide” appeared on his myspace page a while back, that apparently featured Lilly Allen. I’m not sure if it is still on the webpage though.
    Is this any help? It may be absolutely nothing to do with what you are talking about 🙂

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