Friday Fisticuffs

Dear Eskiimo promo shot

Eskiimo (who I got very excited about here) are set to win the hearts of de-snottified indie-pop lovers I reckon, and they have a new video out. Gender-bending dillemas, tutus and talk-show hosts ahead. Meet Jack and Jill.

Australia’s The Silents (Rubber Records) are releasing their debut EP, Flicker & Flames in the States (not that Europeans care, lol). They’ve been touring alongside The Vines, and I must say I heard that bell ring when I listened to Little People. A good song nonetheless, a bit of garage rockishness don’t hurt on a Friday night.

The Silents – Little People mp3

When I got this audio file I’d had quite a day and felt like I wanted my bones idle and a sound to match. I checked the mail, clicked the link, and felt my brain collapse into pink and white stripes of music therapy. A pretty mellow song from Ben Swift, one that you might hear on the radio (States-side) soon enough.

Ben Swift – Grass Is Not So Green mp3

mumm-ra artwork. ain't it fab?

Mumm-Ra are pretty busy these days, their next single Out Of The Question will be out come October 23rd. I already reviewed their debut EP here, and I recommend you get the 7″ of the single, it’s got a cover of The Cure’s In Between Days. They’re touring the UK all throughout October and part of November so check their myspace for details.

Mumm-Ra – Out Of The Question mp3


3 thoughts on “Friday Fisticuffs

  1. The Silents don’t sound like The Vines to me but they certainly have a pyschedelic thing going on. Maybe a trippier Small Faces? Just a thought.

  2. Aye, you’re right, but I tend to develop tedious sentences syndrome when I mention a band who has credentials for an entirely new wholesome post, i.e. Small Faces. So comparing The Silents to The Vines just came out, because as I was listening I had to double-check it wasn’t.

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