The Bishops

Whatever’s going on in the UK, it’s all very thrilling. There’s a crop of talented people that are bending genres, giving melody and story-telling a new lease of life and while some are more indie than others, I can’t ignore the pop!
The Bishops really are the Bishops – a set of brothers, that is, Mike and Pete Bishop, and a lad called Chris McConville, drumming an eager drum, who they met in a local bar. Since they’re so catchy in this first phase of listening, and they sound like the 60’s-style pop Yang to The Pipettes’ Yin, I’m trying to decipher if they’re a one-trick pony, but I’ll have to wait until October to hear out their LP for that. If you like The Kooks, you’re going to like this too.

The Bishops – The Only Place I Can Look Is Down mp3 (right-click and save)

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5 thoughts on “The Bishops

  1. Sorry, Linda! Just found out you´re not living in the UK yourself – I was meaning which town in the UK The Bishops were from.
    Their website doesn´t say but there´s a photo picturing them in London, so that´s my guess.
    Anyway, I was asking because I missed them yesterday by friggin´ 2 hours and they were playing just 2 streets from my flat. Great, isn´t it.
    The newspaper I read that day just said “The Bishops – Rock” which left me uninterested. Then, out of bored curiousity, I checked the web for information on the band and saw the pictures and that they were dressed like mods.
    Rushed over to the club at midnight and of course all was over by then, even the door was shut. Bleedin hell. Went home, read more and cursed myself, Obviously they´re not only playing my exact type of music, but are England´s sharpest Band of the moment. I kept on cursing until I fell asleep yesterday.
    But thanks for putting them on your site, I just saw it too late.

  2. Well no need to be sorry then. I probably should include tour dates more often. If all of them were as presentable as Jamie T‘s for instance. I’m so jealous I don’t get to see all these artists I got here, that it’s probably my naughty inner child screwing with my good intentions.

  3. I saw them play live back in January, and they certainly put on a good show… leaving the stage and playing in the crowd at one point:
    The Bishops @ The Borderline 20

    Theyre playing at a venue literally 4 minutes away from my frontdoor on Saturday. Might go and see them but Ulfie is playing the same night.

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