Rocketotthesky – Neolullaby

When Jenny Hval (aka Rockettothesky) tagged the music on her myspace as trance/ a cappella/ shoegaze, she must have had no other option but to settle for what was pre-defined. Trance must be short for “transcendental” or “puts you in a trance”, shoegaze is more like stargaze or seagaze, and a cappella is something she slides in and out of. Words have been made up to describe this music. Words that you can only hear in other songs, and only if you listen. So try listening to Cocteau Twins and you’ll see the spirit of Rocketotthesky.

Poetry is how she talks and writes, as far as I can see on her Myspace, and she leaves unattended bits and pieces of unmanicured life, hard to explain, as if she got a certain feeling and then immediately scribbled something on a napkin in her mind, next to a doodle of Amelia Earhart. Most of us would shake off that feeling but she holds on to it for a while, and starts singing to it.

Jenny’s from Norway, has been signed to Trust Me Records earlier this year, and, can anyone try and pre-order the album To Sing You Apple Trees without feeling like a dufus for not knowing Norwegian? To Sing You Apple Trees is the fruit of many a summer day and night spent in a “dungeon”, as Jenny puts it (aka studio), and she claims to have thoroughly enjoyed it. Jan Martin Smørdal and Andreas Paleologos are also part of the band since then. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait to hear this.

Rockettothesky – A Flock Of Chestshire Cats (demo) mp3

Rockettothesky – A Cute Lovesong Please mp3

PS Check out Jenny’s writing on singingwhale, where she discusses consonants, vowels, choirs of clitoris-crayons. The usual. 😉


4 thoughts on “Rocketotthesky – Neolullaby

  1. It sounds almost as if she sings Lappish/Sami in A cute lovesong…
    I like her style! It will be interesting to hear more from her.

  2. Thank you Mohamed, there are some other songs on Jenny’s website and on the myspace page you can listen to her stuff as well. The record’s out in October, and as soon as I receive a copy I’ll post some other tracks and you know, do a review. 🙂

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