a loose cannonball part 1 (mxtp)

A pletora of artists for you on this.. (I’m considering terminating eashfa or updating more rarely than I have because well, that’s the tragedy of my character and I can never really finish off what I start) one of the final posts.

I get urges to post like anyone else. But then I type and retype things and annoy myself and others, and read other audio blogs. Some of which actually say things. Lots better than I.

I might consider podcasting though, then I’d feel more useful! Anywho, here’s a fully-furnished indie-perspective playlist. If you’re not indie, you still need the indie perspective. Because indie sounds so .. backyard with disneyland potential.

The Catchy Ones

Matt and Kim – Yeh Yeah mp3
(props to Matt and Kim for posting the music on their site) – they were supposed to be touring with French Kicks. Alas, now they tour still but no French Kicks (dates on the site natch) , and you can hug them for me. An electro fuzzball of keys and drums, stomping hot, there’s a lot of nerve in the vocals and a lot of drums to set an otherwise setting-down summer on fire.

Ratatat you should’ve heard of until now. I have a propensity for music that goes all out on layers and melody instead of focusing on words.. Ratatat don’t need no words! the “band” name itself follows universality rather than contextual meaning. They are sort of a feast aren’t they.

Ratatat – Wildcat mp3

This is the part where indie leaves conspicuously. The Futureheads are a great band, and they surpassed britpop 2005 tendencies with a gimmick you’d expect from 40’s TV commercials, but the syncopated vocal harmonies work like a charm forgotten. Skip To The End doesn’t have the polivalence of Decent Days and Nights, but I’m just nitpicking here, it’s worth listening to much more than say, most of Razorlight’s last LP.

The Futureheads – Skip To The End mp3

Golden Smog are left almost Jeff Tweedy-less as Gary Louris steps in with the vocals. Turns out, this is good:

Golden Smog – 05-22-02 mp3

Brightblack Morning Light (formerly BrightBlack) have a stunner of a record and a corker of a website. This is the type of music that’s so chilled I can see it coming straight out the freezer along with a fairy-like duo, their trees and rivers thrown in. The Brightblack bargain.

Brightblack Morning Light – Everybody Daylight mp3 (via Matador Records)



Switches have Graham Coxon as a fan (they’ll be touring with him in October) and while the backbone of their music might remind you of generic britpop, they’re rehashing it as orange-juiced breed of classic rock where you might even hear a couple of familiar new-wave style riffs and coordinated bellowing. Something very catchy about them – maybe it’s the clap-instigating drums. Their myspace has 4 downloads, so get ’em while they’re still indie. Also, they have an EP out.

Switches – Message From Yuz mp3


End Of Part 1




3 thoughts on “a loose cannonball part 1 (mxtp)

  1. I think it would be sad if you stopped this blog. 😦

    Every entry doesn’t have to be comparible to the works of Dickens (see my blog for proof of that!) – if you have nothing to say, don’t say it. Then when you do have something to say… then say it. There aren’t any rules that dictate how often you must write a blog entry. Just do it as and when you see fit, I reckon.

  2. Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity,
    and wish to assit as far as possible.

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