The Good, The Books, and yes The Free Download

It may seem to the recurring visitor that I’m on a Transgressive binge, that’s my favourite UK indie label to you.

GoodBooks have seen their single “Walk With Me” released by the label in April this year, having previously surfed the indie wave with their self-released EP “Valves and Robots”. You can try and find it, but if you’ve just recently turned art-rocker lover don’t be alarmed if you don’t. Just the way the arty cookie crumbles, for people to moan that now they’re signed to Columbia, ye good ole days are gone, but they still have proof they once were indie. Despite the obvious selfishness and craposity of that mindless reaction, GoodBooks are on a different kind of wave now.

The Magic Numbers seem to love them, they’ve toured with the Mystery Jets and Art Brut (they actually have a toned-down version of You Don’t Fool Me Dennis that sounds like a ride on a ferris wheel, on their myspace, and a download of that would have been just as welcome).

The fellas have a free download up, so get it while it’s good and crusty-warm, and don’t leave the artwork hanging either.

GoodBooks – Turn It Back mp3

Catch them at a festival near you: Reading on the 26th of August or Leeds on the 27th, and check their site for other tour dates. Remember, it’s the live acts where bands get most of their recognition, pledges of allegiance and general dosh.

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