The Diggs

The Diggs have been around since 2003 and don’t much appreciate the emo label that’s oft apllied to them, instead they focus on being melodic have a classic approach to classic rock instruments – they play them. So it’s not emo per se, just emotional.

It’s guitars all the way for the NYC guys and they describe their style quite accurately: Mid-nineties indie rock and ethereal English pop with a touch of shoegaze. The choruses are poppy indeed (though I wouldn’t call the overall sense I get from the songs as Britpop) and Everyone’s Starting Over will regail your 90s-rock nostalgic needs (think Sonic Youth’s Goo). Moreover, the remix updates it, giving it a more space-y, electronic blur, especially the bubbly keyboard that contrives a bit of “happy” over guitarist/vocalist Timothy Lannen’s melancholy tone.

Get it here:

The Diggs – Everyone’s Starting Over (Cassettes Won’t Listen remix) mp3

You can hear the original and read a review here.

And you can buy their LP, Commute, here.


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