Lady! and Bird, yes.

Lady and Bird

Anyone here familiar with Keren Ann? Hmm. What about Barði Jóhannson, the guy behind Bang Gang (and, unrelated, also contributor to Iceland’s first erotic TV show, but I couldn’t find too much detail on that one). The album is so camp-boheme yet it reminds me of reading Roald Dahl books and munching on apricots, an undertaking suitable for everyone by the way. If I were a kid, I would only pay attention to the pretty reverbs (that freaked me out at first though, especially on La Ballade of Lady and Bird) and the overall cuteness of Keren and Bardi’s androginal voices. Cute should be a determining factor here, and it’s nice to hear unassuming cute in this, our cynical world. Concept album? Nah, apricots for you:

Lady and Bird – Stephanie Says (Velvet Underground cover) mp3

Lady and Bird – Blue Skies mp3

Lady and Bird – Shepard’s Song mp3

Thanks to Kate for pointing the way.

Oh, and if you feel like shelling out cash, here’s the LP.

PS> Apparently these two crazy kids also wrote a book together, a diary of sorts (of Lady and Bird). an imaginary diary, i like that.

4 thoughts on “Lady! and Bird, yes.

  1. blue skies is absolutely beautiful..has all the ingredients of a song that is likely to be kept on repeat in your playlist.. can’t wait to hear the whole album

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