Triosk – the cereal of the future

Triosk are three guys from Australia with a taste for sounds derivative of jazz, but with a more compound style attached. Don’t get me wrong, this music might seem layered to the point of all absurdity at times, but it simply takes the beauty of jazz – improvization (they do improvise during their live sets) and an array of electronic artillery to craft waves of floaty+crackly music. Like a bowl of milk and cereal.

Triosk have been around since 2001 and sound like they know what they’re doing but they’re still fooling around: like on 20,000 Dollar Handshake there’s a fidgety piano in the background that has no logical reason for being there in light of the totally different beat from the rhythm section..

Also, in jazz as you might know, you basically play the piano backwards compared to classical music – you have to re-hash what you think you know about making the piano talk. Triosk have that backwards approach down, and I can’t figure what exactly sets the ambiance in my favourite track – Lost Broadcast, they have so many things going at once. That specific track suffers (pretty well I might add) from the ‘is it a bird is it a plane” syndrome. Chaos that isn’t random, that might strike you as oh-so Prefuse 73.

Intensives Leben certainly had that effect on me, but no one song determines the big picture of what Triosk sound like. You have to check them out for yourselves. Oh and another thing I love – no vocals, a sign of a superior breed of noise.

Triosk – Intensives Leben mp3

Triosk myspace

6 thoughts on “Triosk – the cereal of the future

  1. Funny you should mention them, their record label contact me a few weeks ago. Was meant to be going to their gig in Brisbane on 2nd August to interview them, but it’s all gone a bit quiet.

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