Shake your love on this: J Davey baby

The possibilites were not endless two days ago. Today they stop at 4, which is good for me right now. Four’s a good number in the music world for up-and-comping artists. Less than four cuts is too little showcasing, more is too much for a free ride.

I was surprised to hear good music from unreliable intentions the other day. And I was prepared to hunt it down. However Filip came to the rescue, ripping and rolling along the way. Look, J Davey mp3s:

J Davey – Dirty Love mp3

J Davey – Divisions Of Joy demo mp3

J Davey – Mr mister mp3

J Davey – No More mp3

(erm, you don’t have to ask me why they’re 96kbits/sec, do you..)

J Davey are Jack Davey (that’s the chick) and Brook D’Leau, they make music to do your head in as you try to label it. Influences are so wide as to include new wave and rock, jazz fusion and hip hop. Jack’s voice is an emphatic underscore roar – while it has been compared to the likes of Erykah Badu, I find Jack to grip less tightly to the strength of her voice and thus not superimpose herself over the music itself. I love Erykah, but she’s more traditional in her approach to soul so the comparison is probably not valid anyway.
There is no J Davey song that isn’t danceable. While indie rock has let me down this summer, too few choices for sunshine-chasing mornings there, J Davey is escapism for the night.
Five years in the making, they’re about to break loose.

Photo collage aided with pics from SunZeph, b-real.


10 thoughts on “Shake your love on this: J Davey baby

  1. Good music to hear, nice work. I haven’t heard them before but offcourse i will now. This music makes ones heart go up and down, it’s like a soul music.

  2. jack been slangin’ lyrics and rhymes since she was nine;
    check it, she was the lead dancer/rapper/singer of DEF
    (Doin’ Everythang Funky). The gal group was supposed to be MCA’s answer to the all-boy ABC (Another Bad Creation).
    jack stood out then as now
    can’t stop
    won’t stop…

  3. jdavey is a reflection of what is becoming of our generation. they are unlike anything we are used to. jdavey is not traditional in any way and i love it.

  4. Sa-Ra aint shit when it compares to jack and d’leau. j.davey has a major label….. Does sa-ra?Mm. (not a good one) hahaha. I like sa-ra, but that sound already exists. They have put out like what 4 albums, that no one has heard of. They need a marketing strategy. when it comes to stone it or bone it. sa-ra gets the stoned (rocks thrown) and j.davey gets boned (bang bang)!

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