Link Complication

Fallen in love this week with perpetrators of the J Davey kind. Can’t find the album here in Bucharest, don’t have a credit card to PayPal myself through ebay, but wherever it is I’ll hunt it down. Meanwhile soul-electro-clashsters do have a myspace (a tab is permanently open in my browser – the J Davey tab as it’s going down for posterity) and a site all of their own where you can stream music. Unfortunately no downloads. If you don’t have time for this you should quit your job. Pretty mesmerizing stuff here, but I suppose it’s more chick-oriented.The British Bard

Next up is that young gun that requires a deluge of clever epithets to properly state what he’s about in case you haven’t heard of him yet. Jamie T, this modern-age Socrates-slash-Petronius but with a bass guitar to prod at, I say, Jamie T is material for BBC Collective’s feature this issue. You can stream live footage of Jamie, and watch an interview. The album’s getting done, but after all the tracks are done there’s nasty marketing issues to think of; however I trust Virgin Music know when to milk the cow.

I’m very glad I received some good shit in the mail, finally, so here it is: a remix by Jim Noir for Sebastien Tellier‘s La Ritournelle. It strikes me as a dance track with feeling. I can already picture the masses after an anthem, wondering what moves to pull on this one. A bit of drum and bass, a bit of strings and you’ve scored the sun rising while you’re sipping on that last cocktail or a strong cuppa green tea (Coffee is so last season). As for Tellier, his first recording ever, Fantino, can be found on the soundtrack to Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola. As you do.

Sebastien Tellier – La ritournelle (Jim Noir Mix) mp3

Here’s the dude’s myspace.



I’m still in my Poland retrospective phase, here are some pics from the Open’er Festival in Gdynia.

Open'er Puzzle


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