Ginger pieces for my Little Red Riding Hoods


The pass par tout

I’m out until the 12th or the 13th, depending when or if I choose to come back from Open’er. But before I go, here’s some of my favourite music to smoke, eat, shower, walk, imagine driving, drink a nice bevvie to, this darkening side of 2006.

Love Is All – Make Out Fall Out Make Up mp3
Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen In Love mp3

Larrikin Love – Downing St. Kindling mp3 (6 Music – BBC Session)

Wolfmother – Dimension mp3

The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way mp3

Cibelle – Train mp3

Yelle – Short Dick Cuizi mp3

Conrad Newholmes – Noonday night mp3

Beirut – Rhineland (Heartland) mp3

The Radio Dept. – Why Won’t You Talk About It mp3 (via Labrador)

Sunset Rubdown – A Day In The Graveyard mp3

Cat Power – Willie mp3

Herbert – Something Isn’t Right mp3

and a remix – Wolfmother – Woman (MSTRKRFT remix) m4a

Sigur Ros you’ll just have to buy. Or take a look here.

Right, now go and check out some of my fave blogs on the Further music page. Although some of them might be on hiatus too, they’re all worth a try, especially bigstereo. My main inspiration, although it might not look it.
Oh and wolf! Don’t let’s be snarky.


15 thoughts on “Ginger pieces for my Little Red Riding Hoods

  1. Have a safe trip.

    Some good music you put up there. But one thing… I really don’t like Wolfmother – as you can imagine, them being Australian, and Australia being such a ‘rock’ oriented place, most people here absolutely love them. I just dont really dig the re-hashed olde rock sound. But, each to their own!


  2. Ahhh, another ‘Ever Fallen in Love’ version; I so love this song (and the variations)! Feel free to grab the Pete Yorn’s original (or is it?) and The Analogs’ Polish cover ‘Każdy wrobi się w miłość’ from you-know-where. 🙂

  3. …aaand it turns out there are also Anti Flag’s, Fine Young Cannibals’ and Thea Gilmore’s ‘Ever Fallen in Love’ covers. Bliss. 😉

  4. Shot, I should hire you as co-editor of Eardrums solely for your researching skills.

    Moe, I was drunk. I got up at 6 am with a hangover

    Thomas, why thank you 🙂 The blogroll thickens

  5. SPENCER KRUG WOLF PARADE SUNSET RUBD… ahh, whoops gettinga lil’ excited there… But anyway, that man makes some incredibly aUdibly eddible music! Also, have you checked out much Tv on the Radio? Just looking at your taste sampler, they might just belong as an earwig for you too. Umm, Cat Power! wow! She is so gorgeous… umm, yep.

    Oh yeah, me being an Aussinite aswelll, Wolfmother got hideously overplayed here over the last couple of years and I think just about 9/10ths of the pop. hate them now. ESP the ones who actually bought the albulm and then realised the waste of $$$ when they heard it more on the radio/tv commercials than they did in the stereophonic confines of their own room!

    okay, ps. blog is fantaztique!

  6. Hey muckguppy, nice pseudo by the way. I have listened to TV on The Radio but my earfuzz hasn’t responded (since we’re on a ear-related affixation bonanza here 🙂

    Gotye I must say is my fave Aussie to listen to on my ipod, I get a freakish urge to bump into people. I blame Gav (Jeej) for that.

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