Mirah and Cibelle

Mirah (K Records) is the kind of artist I don't want to know anything about except her music. If I were the kind of the person that got headaches, I'd listen to a looping Pollen. A good thing can creep up on you like the understated bass line in this song. It's folky but not limp; like pink sunshine

Mirah – Pollen mp3 (You've got pollen on your nose)
Mirah – The Sun mp3
Mirah – Apples In The Trees mp3

I love Nouvelle Vague but they can get tiresome. Cibelle takes her kite a bit higher and although I've only heard these two songs, I plan on LP-ing myself further because this must be one of the records of the year, I'll be damned. "You make love at me." Rare understanding of metalanguage right there. Like I said, fly Cibelle fly!!! Some music samples here. I looked through all of her site because of the wicked-witty names for the pages – her blog's called Conversations With Your Own Fingernails… which nails it in more ways than one.

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