The Noisettes

the noisettes
I keep stumbling onto bands that are from the UK and that everyone says are the bees knees live. Well live is actually what sells them, so the more bootlegged or scratchy an mp3 the more I delude myself that those blips and blops are live particles. Moving on!

I don’t know if The Noisettes is a nice reference to nuts or simply suffix-based, I like to think it’s both. Their Motown-style name contradicts their style just as their style contradicts itself. This is sort of Be Your Own PET, in the thrashier parts, but when the lights go out and the downers kick in – it’s just as intense thanks to that surreal Shingai scowling serenade. All in the same song, you know.

The songs I put up here highlight that undeniable truth that drummer Jamie Morrison is a force to be reckoned with, live or not. Dan Smith plays God on guitar.. And hedonist/vocalist/bass player Shingai Shoniwa draws arrows on her face that send those broken vibratto thunderbolts rolling into the crowds. Now, this is just a picture I’ve painted in my head. But if I get so much from listening to five tracks then you know you’ll have to listen too. But you have to listen loud. The Noisettes remind me what rock smells like –

The Noisettes – Mind The Gap mp3 (source)

The Noisettes – Malice In Wonderland mp3

The Noisettes – Don’t Give Up mp3

The Noisettes – I W E mp3

Also a download is available on their myspace

A live sesh is due on XFM this Wednesday, June 14th :

7pm – 10pm The Noisettes (session) – Music:Response, XFM London
[Intl start times: NY 2pm, LA 11am, Tokyo 3am next day] (source)

New single Scratch Your Face out June 12th.

Incidentally – in the category of “any excuse to mention Guillemots” – Shingai Shoniwa provides noises on both Guillemots – Cats’ Eyes and Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43, according to the liner notes of Guillemots – From The Cliffs. source


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  1. just a ” petit tour ” on your blog, i like it ^^
    even i don’t understand all that you write ( i am excused i’m french ( is it a good reason ? XD ) )
    i have a now, i put it on my blog 🙂
    waiting for your comments 😉

  2. en fait tu pourrait ecrire en francais, tibo. c’est jolie ta langue et j’ai pas des restrictions ici.
    buh yeah.. being french excuses you from most things 🙂

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