Jamie to the T

UPDATE: if you’re looking for the Sheila lyrics, skedaddle on over here

I’m not one that generally listens to a full LP these days – like I can’t concentrate on films or books.
I’m on an ADD wave
jamie t
Luckily Jamie T has EPs out. That sound like inebriated swee peas. Notoriously hard to come by, almost as soon as they were released they vanished into thin 7-inch air. It’s precisely this detail that made me gallop the internets like mad until a nice last.fm jamie fan clued me in. This made my day

Jamie T was a fortuitous discovery that makes me want to do things. I cannot keep still when I listen to this dude. Too much flow baby! A one-man Arctic Monkeys is what he’s been described as – I’m going to disagree, you know me. There’s just so much more to Jamie T. Playing with samples has been a tweak exploited mainly by leftfield electronica, from the coherent to the unintelligible, but I’ve never heard them dipped into indie rock- which by the way is not quite what he calls himself. He’s a player of bass guitar, and an adept of reggae, punk and rap.
Jamie T collages his visual art into sounds, in ways I’ve never heard before. Granted, alcohol-induced inspired moments will happen. But these songs aren’t flukes. Some artists take a long time to find their sound, Jamie just slides into his aural state with utter ease. This might be an acute, long process for the bloke – point being, it never feels like it.

jamie t 1

jamie double takecourtesy of daisylusion
My Jamie highlights, showcased in Salvador:
His voice – raspy at times, it sounds like an eight-year-old spitting out vernacular too (which is why you should see the Salvador video). Well he’s only 20 (yes) so that isn’t too far-fetched.
From here to Salvador, the ladies dance
To fill us reckless sons with passions of the heart

Jamie’s a bard of hormone-dripping clubs, a court jester and a Shakespearian-style MC rolled into one. His singing is proper MC stylings with built-in vernacular and a wordly, knowing gaze on the people surrounding him without being a snobbish arsehat about it. Yes, I must admit, Salvador deconstructs a frisky night out in the same way I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor does. A poet of our times, Jamie strips down a night out that the common man might forget after passing out from alcohol poisoning – and gratifies the significant detail in the same way a classic realist writer might. But there’s the girl’s part too – (…)when I’m on the floor all the boys they feel me, and old dear diary’s never been a friend of mine – so this is already a case study of “anglo-saxons at the disco” as far as I am concerned.

Jamie T – Sheila mp3 (the one that rips new holes in the head – and the video)
Jamie T – Salvador mp3

Jamie T – Calm Down Dearest mp3
Jamie T – Back In The Game mp3
Jamie T – Alicia Keys (demo) mp3

courtesy of daisylusion
I’m only posting some stuff that might make you develop a taste for Jamie, I mean I dig everything this guy does, but part of it is so experimental I’m not sure about the response.

Anyway go see him live and report back to eardrums.

I’m not going to apologise for the long post – I’m really excited about this one, and I still haven’t covered enough ground.


Very important PS (rarely do I underline so yes)
Binky has the Guillemots slinky Streets cover covered. i can’t agree that it’s superduper layered (compared to something like Daftside) i can agree that it’s wonderful and better than the original. So cheers to Binks.

Ha! check me out I got to write about my top two favourite artists of 2006 in one post.


45 thoughts on “Jamie to the T

  1. I like him – but there’s a time and a place. Like if I listened to loads of his tracks consecutively I think I would have aural fatigue!

    I particularly like that “Sheila” track.

  2. I think the difference between Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys – particularily illustrated in the lyrics to ‘Salvador’ and ‘I bet you look good…’ is that Jamie T’s lyrics are so much deeper and accessable than Arctic Monkeys. I wont deny it, Alex Turner is a fine lyricist, but he only really ever describes scenes, which is pretty easy to do. And although his songs are character based, they are actually pretty dull for it. There’s never any desire to escape or change things in Arctic Monkeys songs, just a lethargic tendancy to co-exist alongside them. Of course, this is fine, but it’s this fact for me which is why they don’t stand out. They are ‘postcard’ songs rather than ‘novel’ ones, if you get me…
    But in Jamie T’s lyrics there are those desires – they are positivly dripping with references about why things are bad, how things could be different, classic social commentary from years ago mixed and interweaved with his own thoughts and conceptions. He also creates great characters too – I’d say of the handful of songs I’ve heard, they seem as relevant now as early Jam lyrics, Ian Dury lyrics and Ray Davies songs do in retrospect. Jamie T’s a completely exciting prospect, I’m really pleased he’s making music now…

  3. hi, my name’s daisylusion, i’m the person who made those demos available and i am the one who designed the picture with the double decker… I don’t mind anyone using those artworks but please cite your sources… tou can find em all on the forum which is on jamie t’s website…

  4. sorry daisylusion, where i got the files your name wasn’t mentioned and i found the pic on flickr, where i must have missed your name also. my apologies. i’ll link right away

  5. This man is amazing! Pure talent. I especially love the ‘Sheila’ track. Totally hooked on it. Only problem is.. I wish I could find the lyrics somewhere. Anyone got any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. The man is amazing live first performing some solo songs and then bringing on his band, while all the time keeping the crowd glued to him.
    Cant seem to get hold of any other songs of his apart from two of the most popular ones any one can help me out csmith@mpsldesign.co.uk

  7. Salvador is just incredible, fantastic video, can’t stop watching it. It overshadowed Sheila for me at first, but you know what – the more you listen to Sheila the better it gets (and it was pretty darn good to start with).

    From what i’ve heard, i’ve simply gotta see him Live!

    Hadn’t heard of him till a few days ago, but everyone i ask turtns out to be a fan. He comes across really genuine on the radio interviews I’ve heard.

    Best of luck to him, talent like that deserves to go a really long way.

    I hear an album is coming out soon, anyone know when????!!!!!

  8. Sarah – on the forums everyone (including me) were under the presumption that an album was due out in September as he only has 1 song left to do. However, on an interview on Gonzo Zane Lowe said it was due out early next year…I still think it’s down for a September release though.

    about a month back, he was absolutely fantastic, he really was. we were expecting a pretty much acoustic set, just him and his bass, maybe a few backing singers, but he had the lot. he was truly a joy to see live and i want to see him again, he has so much feeling in his songs.
    also, if you like him and his lyrics, check out kid harpoon – he was supporting jamie at the panic prevention disco tour, and he was amazing also.

  10. Thank you Thom for sharing that with us. Probably everyone’s got Jamie T on their live acts wishlist now. I think I’ll do a mini-feature on Kid Harpoon, he’s on the same choo-choo train as Jamie T but Jamie’s still the steam engine. Maybe Harpoon’s better live than on record.

  11. hello, can someone find a new source or server for that jamie-t zip that is on rapid share, it doesnt seem to work for me.



  12. been listening to sheila constantly for a week which is really saying something for the guy considering i’m a roadrunner metalhead by nature. the guys a true english poet, rivalling betjeman easily. shame a rapper will never be poet lauriet. keep spittin verse for us.

  13. listening to jamie t really opens my eyes to a wider variety of music. i usually listen to more heavy/hard rock, but i really do like jamie’s work. im glad ive managed to broaden my musical taste! i was also wondering if he was planning on releasing an album?

  14. Nothing’s definite yet as far as I know. the first deadline was October. We all know that’s not going to happen. Then it was January, and I remember one bloke asking, WTF? They’re releasin the album when people have already spent all their money? So it’s either that, or spring. Which is a terribly long wait.

  15. I’ve been loving this dude since start of this year – managed to get a demos CD from ebay, absolutely excellent, despite some of the songs sounding like they were recorded from the bottom of a well! Been to see him live 3 times now and it just keeps getting better – gig in the Tunnels in Aberdeen was absolutely jumpin – he’s getting more and more rawkin every time I see him. Am obsessed with his tunes, he’s a true god of music and I don’t think I shall ever become bored by him… “why you drunk all the time and cold in the heat, cause what you sow man is what you reap…”

  16. im going ot see jamie in january!!!! im bare excited!
    i hear hes brilliant live. will there be an album out by then or do people still not know?

  17. i met jamie at the V festival he wasss reeet nice. brilliant performer too. seeing him agian in febuary.
    this time im going to propose 😀 xxx

  18. The singer confirms details for first LP
    Jamie T is set to release his debut album ‘Panic Prevention’ on January 29.

    The album features ‘Calm Down Dearest’, Jamie T’s next single, which is released on January 15.

    The tracklisting for ‘Panic Prevention’ is:

    ‘Brand New Bass Guitar’
    ‘Calm Down Dearest’
    ‘So Lonely Was The Ballad’
    ‘Back In The Game’
    ‘Dry Off Your Cheeks’
    ‘Ike And Tina’
    ‘If You Got The Money’
    ‘Alicia Keys’

  19. i think jamie t is da greatest i love him and his music sooooooooooooooo much and i think he is great i really want to see him live coz i no he wil be gr8 nd if ne1 says anything bad a bout him they might aswell fuck them selves coz hes so great. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  20. i saw this boy in my hometown before he was famous. (at the peel in kingston) nice to see hes been so well recieved. i have huge respect for this guy and have met him on several occasions. he really is a nice bloke.

  21. jamie t is like a god among men
    hes just the greatist writer of our times
    his lyrics are inspiring and colourful and vibrant and real
    his voice is phenomenal creates sounds i have never heard or even imagined i would ever hear
    hes just the most amazing lyricist
    he doesnt write about things most artists write about like a perfect day or falling in love or things like that
    he writes about day to day things that everyone can relate to
    oh god i could go on forever about how great he is but to be honest hes just angelically honest and beautiful and i love him

  22. ya<3 finally… other fans : )…im out here in Canada and none of my friends like him and theyy are all into that mainstream shitt. oh an you guys if ya guys tryin to download anything jamie related but cant find a download site use media converter just google it. its amazing to convert youtube videos into mp3 format 🙂 my helpful 2 cents 🙂 oh and check this out by jamie t.. kids with guns remix turn us to monsters (real song by Gorillaz) heres a download of it :


    best lyric out of it is :
    So a killer, that’s just me
    I’m the killer of a happy family
    And that’s fine with you, is it?
    Fine with me
    Fine, fuck off and die!

    ❤ jamie is amazing

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