i thought poland was about going to church (so my dad tells me) and ridiculously high-priced urban housing. and chopin (whose house i'd have to see anyway).

apparently there is more.

i might have some ins to go to this partic'lar festival. ladytron, matthew herbert, the streets, sigur ros.

"Open'er takes place in Gdynia, a seaside town in the north of Poland on the Baltic Sea cost. With a line-up featuring some of biggest names in hip hop, dance and rock, it's an absolute bargain at around £45 for a weekend ticket. […] We've put this one in our diaries."
Time Out London

So that's what.. 45 pounds for an ass-kicking 45 pounds of good music. Oh my

I'll expand on this later

Ladytron – Blue Jeans (Interpol remix) mp3 

PS a prettygood fit for the day – folk, but not quite, sugar not honey, Donnie Darko-score maker, my present to you for today (I'm an optimist, I hadn't heard about him, kick kick kick) – Michael Andrews

Love your eardrums.


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