blogs, pringles and crack were all made by the Devil


That's creativity for you. I love the martian pringles. The crack – who knows, I haven't gone down that line – though black is no darker than white. But who dunnit? Who made Christina Aguilera?

I don't know how i feel about this. i'm… i'm confused.
Christina Aguilera – Ain't No Other Man mp3 (via sintalentos)

shoegaze? for sure. soft radiohead without falsettos (no matter how lovely they are- for real, thom's falsettos make me twinge with delight) and a female singer surfing on an emo-jazz wave? yeah. i'm in lov. Sara Lov's voice is amazing. Romantic but not mushy – this is a discovery I want to gorge myself with. Free download from betterPropaganda, where you also get the facts on the band – oh and, yes, the band has a name, it's called Devics. Too many angels here? Go hear them, no regrets.

[now.. there is something about that Aguilera track]

oh cam!.. has writer's block and a .. beautiful, of beauty full mix from her brainwaves. we're all DJs here dontcha know. The Cinematic Orchestra, Wilco, Deltahead, Built To Spill, this just put the p in perfect – as opposed to – i don't know (for my mood anyway).

[ah, yes, i played the instrumental version in my head. it's quite nifty]
for some strange reason it reminds me of a track i love with the vocals on it – a Lauryn Hill at-the-decks mix of a Whitney tune. It goes "I was born in New York…". The hell you say

m4a download for that – yeah, it's not an mp3. sue me

2 thoughts on “blogs, pringles and crack were all made by the Devil

  1. i actually quite liked “beautiful” bu christina!

    i haven’t listened to the new one yet, partly because i am scared to because the album is supposed to be an etta james-billie holiday-sarah vaughn updated to modern times, and that scares the hell out of me. i bet THAT was the grand 6/6/6 event that had everyone’s panties in a bunch.

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