Partial review of events

jojo says

I got a call this afternoon from my friend Jojo (no links to her blog/site/whatevs cause she ain't got none, but if she did they'd be bangers not anthems – w00t).

Kenichewa, Jojo!
Hei nu pot să cred că n-ai venit aseară/I can't believe you didn't come last night was her opening line for me.

She came round mine and gave me the skinny on what happened last night at the latest incarnation of Space Club, Eclipse, where as I mentioned in my last post, Andy Smith dropped by to do what he does.

and what did he do, exactly.
Jojo loved the three-hour set because she felt like she was in her car listening to her CDs, so I suppose a good set and music generally makes you feel like you're at home with yourself. Hip hop, reggae, old school R&B made it to the decks. Jojo: I know them all they're in my record collection but I don't know the names right now – I could hum them for you. But she didn't want me to record her, and I would've loved to post some jojo mp3s, so… Spesh, Jojo's boyfriend called to fill me in – John Holt, Rakim, Eric B, stuff off Cypress Hill's first LP (then Spesh couldn't concentrate), and a cut that Andy couldn't get enough of, which he insisted on playing four times (yep, four) by Phyllis Dylan (did I spell that ok?) Dillon (props to Spesh). Oh God I'm a spaz. So Andy wasn't fazed at all after having lost his vinyls apparently, now that's showmanship.

The people that showed up, around 200, weren't by Jojo's account the loser-types I described (I trust her standards completely) and everyone was in it for the music – although those farty-pants are lurking in the Ota (farty-pants undergroundsky bar)/MNAC shadows. the atmosphere wasn't bulky at all, and probably the only bad thing gig-goers heard all night was "that's it people, no more beer left". what shitty venue is this, everywhere you go in Romania there's beer and other bevvies of the cheaper variety. Not that 7 lei for a bottle is that cheap y'know.

If I think of anything else of note to report, I shall.

Photos will probably be up on feeder tomorrow.

Well, you just know that if I had gone Andy Smith wouldn't have lost his vinyls. Or the set would've been crap, that's the law. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Partial review of events

  1. Well Vadim’s next with the One Self crowd, you can bet your last sweet tooth this wally ain’t gonna miss out on that. Might just post about it several times! 😮 w00t

  2. Wow, several times?! That’s at least one more time than six!!!

    I don’t have any money, but my lucky Brother managed to get himself a ticket to the Splendour In The Grass festival at Byron Bay. He’s gonna see DJ Shadow!

  3. oddly enough, at a show i wanna hear good music that i don’t know/don’t have at home, and when it clicks just right like it was actually supposed to be there, then i know it’s a good set.

  4. doru – i adhere to what you’re saying, but this was a jojo review! and i said something about being at home with yourself, which is like even if you’ve never heard the music, you instantly recognise the fact you like it

    netstalker, what kind of a silly willy are you? 🙂

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