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DJs. I have horrid debates with people on forums whenever I say that I think the cult of the DJ is going-going-gone. It's a normal cycle after all, if we think what sad-arsed geeky creatures with an extensive record collection DJs were in their humble beginnings (not so long ago- about two decades and a half), then suddenly you alter your perception willingly and the DJ is the Rapunzel-like (as in untouchable) dude in the proverbial tower, channeling the changing times – you appreciated the medium and not the instrument that brings you music (24-Hour Party People chronicles that shift in punters' mentalities and the whole Madchester scene of the late 80s – early 90s). Tell me to fuck off if your heart so utters, but I am much more drawn to a band that throws passion and sweat onstage than seeing Sister Bliss sparking up a spliff during her set. I'm not saying DJs are dead, the notion of DJs misconstrued by peoples' expectations of them – that's got to be killed.
no funny DJ business!
Anything that's too euro-techno-decorative or loops of that electro-fart sound will put me off, and I think a lot of people who haven't actually been clubbing hear shit from Tiesto on the radio and think, that's what it's about, of course it's a crap scene. Taking each snake off the ladder, I have to say that in particular there are DJs I lament not having seen, like Quantic, last month. Luckily there's a 6 Mix to the rescue (stream). And the lovely 2 hour set he laid on Bucharest is available right here (mp3). Plenty of DJs slash producers are trying to hook us up with a sound that recompiles fantastic songs slash samples from the funk golden era. What I'd like to hear more of in the future, is dance music made good by hacking some soul and jazz into it – as Nino Moschella demonstrates (artist page at betterPropaganda + free download Nino's "The Fix")

Have I been complaining enough I wonder about the (lack of) gigs this side of the European Union border? The last events I've been to were all DJ-involved, which is why I'm sucker-punching around here. I return home a nervous wreck from those things.

In about an hour I'm supposed to go see Andy Smith of Portishead fame. Maybe.. If I'm aled enough to take his airy-fairy transitions. I'm no faffer but I heard some of his more recent sets (they're good selections – reggae, roots and such – it just doesn't sound like the whole shebang ) and I don't want to be forced to dance in that perpetrating demeanour that says "I'm just checking my hip joints work properly while I undergo the serious task of sticking my nose up in the air, holding my common-people bottle of Becks and laughing at other peoples' togs simultaneously". The hip kids. Seeing as I'm mean and antisocial as well.. Decisions.

The Smiths – Panic mp3 🙂

Cappo – Learn To Be Strong (Quantic Soul Remix) mp3 [this is the shit]

selected Andy Smith sets – free downloads


4 thoughts on “Disc Jocular

  1. my best friend who did go will be dropping by shortly, so i’m going to make her write a post; she was pretty exhilirated, considering Andy Smith had lost all his vinyls.

  2. I agree, DJ culture does seem to have come to a logical conclusion, over 20 years since its inception. DJ’s are far too self indulgent and repeatative in the main. There are (as always) obvious exceptions for some of the true innovators – I cite Coldcut amongst others who add a dynamic visual element to their sets.

    My big issue lies with big name ‘brand’ DJ’s that make $$$$ soley by playing other peoples music… This is something I’ve never understood. What happened to creativity?

    Hang the DJ I say – Do something live!



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