Mumm-Ra – the Freudian slip of band names – it’s a joke, you’ll know, if you’ve seen the ThunderCats cartoon series.

Band of the week no less, on Lamacq’s 6 Music show. At 15, they say, they were the only ones listening to guitar music (!) in their highschool (?!). Good Heavens. Isn’t that one of the first types of music you discover in your years of fiercest rebeldom? I liked the fact that they couldn’t get enough of pointing out how corny they are: brainstorming tracklistings for future albums on the back of history class notebooks, recording imaginary interviews with Australian accents. I love these human details about people I see only in pictures.

Oasis and erm Ocean Colour Scene were their soft points in their beginnings which means they’ve come a long way baby. The point is I hear potential. Mumm-Ra are notoriously “confident” onstage which is frowned-upon. Congratulations chaps, you’re caught in the vicious circle so many mainstream artists before have experienced. Of course they’re confident, they’ve been playing live for five years. Their current set brought them record company glory. The only way you can tell whether they’re really good or only okay is by seeing them live, I’m in limbo here. If you’re planning on going to the Oxegen Festival in Ireland or the Fuji Rock Festival, you might want to check them out. Lamacq’s Wednesday show on 6 Music – lend your ears to it here. I had a flashback there, recording from the radio. It felt childish.

Here’s the track played on the show. Might be a bit dodgy.. If anyone has quality recordings, feel free to drop a link.

Mumm-Ra (with a hypen, yeh): Song B mp3 (account suspension, hm)

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EP coming out in July
Mumm-Ra myspaciio
ThunderCats – Season Two 🙂



7 thoughts on “Mumm-Ra

  1. I in fact went to school with the band and was briefly a member of Mumm-Ra; albeit for about a fortnight. They’re great guys and really deserve the success that they are surely heading towards, it’s good to see people giving them recognition.

    I should also point out that I was listening to guitar music as well… There was an awful lot of people that weren’t though. Heathens.

  2. I have a question for you since you’re in the know: do you think Mumm-Ra would like to hit Romania? I’d like to cook up a bit of a guitar-based revolution here

  3. The recording quality actually isn’t that bad…Oh wait, yeh its bad.Oops. People should definitely check out their MySpace. Mumm-ra are totally going places! It’s so exciting. Nice review, it’s true when you say they should be confident – they’ve been playing live for 5 years indeed, they are doing things the right way, unlike ‘Fall Out Boy’ proteges – ‘Panic! at the Disco’ who got a record deal before even playing live! In any case, Mumm-ra still love what they do which is beautiful -even if some us yearn for the days when the Sitar was a permanent feature of every song. Just hope everybody gets a chance to see them soon. Fly my pretties and find The Ra. xX

  4. The Ra are awesome, at last a band with some edge from Sussex, Keane and The Feeling were giving us a bit of a soft reputation!

    The “What would Steve do?” 7″ was awesome and I’m desperately trying to get tickets to The Sutomatic gig so I can see the boys live!

    As with many Columbians before them (I look back to the rise of Kula Shaker) I have no doubt Mumm-Ra are going to hit dizzy heights in 2006! Live the dream and live it good!

    Any idea when they aim to release the debut album?

    Find the Ra before they find you!!!

  5. I think they’re releasing it early 2007.

    I miss the sitar too but hey, like Coralie said they like what they do which is excellent. A bit of confidence/slash pomposity makes bands rather endearing.

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