The Cuban Heels and Senses

felix happyI'm not sure whether I appreciate shoegaze properly but Senses are right up my alley somehow. Or maybe they're emo. And I know I like ratata from my guitars, songs that justify that anyone can learn how to play guitar, but divine sounds aren't music god's way of repaying just hard work. Bleeding fingers – maybe. On a purely technical note, Paco de Lucìa is the hardcore classical guitarist who doesn't let a bleeding bloody finger get in the way during live performances – he bites the hardened skin off them bastards into submission.

What is it about good music that goes beyond genre jargon? I need not my label stickerer for these two bands here, they're just plain ole good.

I like music I know nothing about, I take no precautions in discovery. I do want to kick myself for forgetting to post about The Cuban Heels, the ratata I was mentioning. Their name makes me smile, it has a tap dancing visual attached to it in my head, and maybe the Beach Boys here and again. The Kinks too, definitely. One thing I liked about their bio on myspace:
"Now they have decided to release a number of previously unreleased studio tracks, live recordings and demo's on Myspace for the fair people of Myspaceland to download and play during their leisure time, because after all… thats the point". My point exactly.
All their tracks are beautiful guitar pieces of unpolished diamonds, except Whatever Happened to Grace which got me from the first riff. There's a finesse about that one track that makes it stand out as British and ubiquitous at the same time. I get excited every time I listen to it, and feel like jumping on my bed in slow motion to accompany the feeling.

The Cuban Heels – Grace mp3

The Cuban Heels – Eleven Little Secrets mp3

Senses lured me into their cradle of charming harmonies. The vocals simmer like a little fire on a giant lake of melody on my favourite track, Truly Beautiful Disaster. Self explanatory. And their influences include Stone Roses, which means that I'm sold. Taking the best out of the Roses can prove disastruous if you haven't got an inherent understanding of the culture they stood for (no matter how dodgy the haircuts); Senses have a knack for making sound that breaks apart but doesn't wither – it's disphoric yet comforting, and so fragile every chord feels like it could break apart in depth – like fractals. As for the news about the band – Senses have been moving between a shed in the middle of nowhere and a war time shelter honing their sound and recording songs for their debut EP.

Senses – Truly Beautiful Disaster mp3

Be sure to check out these dudes' myspace pages, for the love of indie. I hate to see talent go to waste.

One thought on “The Cuban Heels and Senses

  1. “…simmer like a little fire on a giant lake of melody…”

    You really have a way that makes people like the music before they hear it! 🙂

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