DeVotchKa are slowly curing my current beirut obsession. Last week, I went to their site to do some info-seeking – something I don't usually care for – found basically nothing, but still let it rest as a tab on my browser because of the two songs I found absolutely irresistible. Their music is the kind that doesn't get stale, that doesn't alienate people who aren't used to it, and most importantly it isn't tiring although it has an intellectual streak… Like I might have suggested, I go for music that haunts me and don't regularly wait for growers to grow their wings. It's like embezzling your own sense of style so why?! I act on instinct.

Devotchka means young girl in Russian, a reference which instantly gives you an idea of what the band might sound like, albeit incomplete. When there are so many instruments that come together, it might sound like a circus foyer act (I'm not sure a circus has a foyer by the way): violin, sousaphone, trumpet, banjo, bass mandolin (and it goes on); their live show actually features circus acts from time to time – acrobatics, girls hanging from ceilings etc. "Eastern bloc indie rock band" is what they call their style, and I can only dream of one day seeing them in the flesh and bouzouki.

Devotchka – El Zopilote Mojado (Curse Your Little Heart EP)
Devotchka – Curse Your Little Heart (Curse Your Little Heart EP)
Devotchka – How It Ends

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more photos here

official site


7 thoughts on “devotchka

  1. the thing with growers is they last long in my playlist, whereas stuff i like from first take gets annoying after a while.. exceptions merely prove the rule.

    may not apply to everyone though and i’ll check the devotcka shite for its name alone – w00t.

  2. I found this group last year when I was googling for Chekov articles. Their live performances are great, while the studio work is a bit stiff. This is a great band that I have been passing the word around about. I don't like how their agent promotes them ("best band you never heard of"??? WTF???)
    KCRW has a nice set, as does KEXP.

  3. thank you ever so much for the links Aaron, I’m listening to the KCRW live set now and it’s giving me chills. the good kind. Google has a way of pointing you to great things you never knew existed sometimes. The Dresden Dolls tour slot should get them the notoriety they deserve though, I’ve been reading some positively raving reviews. everybody migrate to the KCRW link now 🙂

  4. the web site is looking better- and if you get to see them live- do it- you won’t be sorry. i like their albums, but agree they are great live. i think they are picking up momentum- at least i hope so 🙂

  5. i’ve no way of coming states-side now i’m afraid, but they are on my wishlist, ase ar the dresden dolls. there are lots of people coming to this post, so let’s hope they like what they hear, cheers for the comment speedymarie

  6. Wow, kind of coming late to the party here. I saw them in May of ’06 in Edinburgh with the Dresden Dolls and have been obsessed with them ever since. It’s kind of funny to me that they’re from Colorado, just because I’m from Kansas and discovered them in Scotland.

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