Censored the gramophone


I was going to have a happy post today on a band I've grown to love these past two days, Devotchka. I'll have to do that later. It's come to my attention that pandemonium's reigning in Romania these days as police have commenced actions against those sharing copyright-protected content by means of the so-called "neighbourhood networks" via P2P software DC++ or oDC. The operation bears the code name "The Gramophone".

Because the protection of intellectual property has received a "yellow flag" from the EU, the Romanian Police has ordered measures for organizing these actions, including weekly interventions to control this phenomenon. The police and DAs will collaborate with Internet Providers and hub administrators.

In Iasi, the police has issued several warrants and have confiscated hard disks, computers or switches. In Tulcea, over 20 Internet users have now have a police record, and dozens of hard disks have been confiscated.

Apparently they're soon going after this Regie district, where you have mainly dorms, ergo students from out of town with hardly any money and rusty-ass PCs. Because it's an easy target.
Check out the tactics: the pigs go online and start fictionally sharing, using a regular username and going throught he file lists of those sharing over 100 GB! Granted they all leeched it from somwhere at some point, but hey, it's nice to see good deeds are still punished properly. These guys really can't stand any form of freedom on our part, can they? We're like a zit on their ass they pluck and prod at, squeeze all the way until the puss comes out. Do we wanna be the puss here or what?
Supporting artists is one thing, supporting large/ multinational corporations is another.

Comments on the article, form the site:

These people gotta be kidding… I say, let them take care of them interesting issues, like high-level corruption… there's an entire dirty political system in Romania… and they're diverting attention from that by handling ODC hubs, come on, what the fuck…the police should clean up their own shit first, then pick on some dude that hasn't got the cash to go see a movie or buy an expensive CD, and wants a bit of entertainment with his buddies by watching a movie or two, or killing time cos they live in a shithole.

If I had EU salaries, yeah, I'd buy the shit!

Good night romania, last one to leave turns off the lights, throws away the match and locks the door

Yeah Romania's a crappy country compared to most, but at least we're fucking human over here and not some robots working our way to a mid-life crisis. I'm happy about living in Romania precisely because of that. Because we still make coffee and the stove and it's better that way. This is civilization huh. Where you're afraid of your own governments. The governments we elected, that protect or deny rights as they see fit. Protecting the rights of the large multi-national companies certainly reverberates in the most positive outcome for people with 100 euros a month as a travesty of a salary. Yes, we're becoming more and more European. I think it's revolution time, these bastards need to be taught a lesson.

Any Romanian-speaking reader can view the full article- Gardianul, OPERATIUNEA «GRAMOFONUL»


7 thoughts on “Censored the gramophone

  1. hey, it’s me again.
    in canada, i think that federal court ruled against prohibiting file sharing, we share our mp3s freely. i think that’s the case here.
    and i love the hypocratic picture! haha
    and one last thing. are you from romania? your english is exceptional compared to any european i know. how come?

  2. The world’s gone mad. In the UK you can get a longer prison sentence for illegal filesharing than if you kill someone, in some instances.

  3. Jason, you’re making me want to immigrate. Yeah I’m Romanian and I stand by that. I spent two formative years in the UK though.

    Jeej, true that. Come the afterlife though, I don’t think Saint Peter or God are gonna be picking on me for not respecting intellectual property. Nobody’s saying anything about book-sharing though.

  4. I tend not to dwell too much on thoughts of the afterlife kind – seems kinda irrelevent, given my ‘living’ state.

    I keep forgetting to ask you… I see you have a Rusty Sheriff track listed on this site. Do you know him?

  5. I though the book-sharing thing would be commented upon. the afterlife is a funny subject. entertaining even =D

    I have a link to a Rusty Sherrif track, yeah, all the tracks in that list are mp3s from official sites or myspace in this case, which is like the stix river of sites since we were going over the afterlife thing. We played cowboys n indjans back in the day. 😮 I just liked the track, I though others might too.

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