But was I afraid?


I was dreaming of something very nice after having an organic lunch, as many a digestive system will have witnessed a nice peaceful dream i cannot remember, because that would have taken a nice peaceful rise from sleep.

Thrrrmp, thrrrmp, thump, thrrmp. I was awoken by my door almost being unhinged from the sound of unwelcome bass. One guy washing his car whilst sporting his ghastly, shirtless unshaven torso, but I could hear myself think. something was wrong, I mean, my stereo hearing was off. I'd taken a bath and turned on the radio, Delta RFI, the wannabe indie station of the whole Bucharest FM area, there's only a wannabe one, not even a pirate radio, but we're people without incentive to do anything; they played Travis' Turn. I started singing, I got surprised at how husky my voice was, and decided to immerse my head in the water, nose in the air, while I exercised my deep breathing a bit. Penitence for that is, now I can't hear with one ear. It's credibly frustrating, I feel disjointed and my heart doesn't seem to beat. Cos I can't hear it! I can't listen to anything too loud or too low. I could go on, but I'll just stop and not think about it..

Travis – Turn mp3
Careful what you do with that.. Do you know how life immitates art? or blog titles? ah but that's too long a story, and it's got to do with visual art and Thomas Mann and… I really should invest in speakers for my ipod.

The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man mp3 (i just felt like this one)



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