Back in the day I would waste my time in the most monumental way on messenger. I don't know why it would make me sick of people eventually. Because it's not people, it's you, keyboard, screen?

Love and Communication (Cat Power)
I'd get into fights. I'd wait for the outcome. I'd linger and check some music websites. I'd give people music recommendations. Some would hate me for it. Some you can't deal with. How people get stuck on certain music genres or artists they've grown accustomed to is how they also get stuck on life situations.

My friend who's in acting school listens to System Of A Down and Chopin. she threw away her Westlife CDs because her only true loves now are the two mentioned above. How does she bridge them? I tried, I did, but I can't force-feed her The Smiths. The Shins. electronic music which she still thinks boils down to Tiesto and others along that vein. My other friend (I only have three FRIENDS the rest are people, acquaintances, buds to drink Buds with) listens to Curtis Mayfield and Erykah Badu, old school soul, DJ Shadow, hip hop that nobody's heard of 🙂 and the like. So why didn't she appreciate Stone Roses? Why did she sort of like Jamie Lidell? Only sort of.

Lots of folks are talentless in appreciating what music others would want. This blog and its visitors will remain a mystery to me, no matter how much I'd track boring viewing statistics.

I hadn't checked my messenger for two weeks. Today, I had loving messages from friend number three, who's in France telling me she didn't forget me, and from one of my cousins. I almost cried like the girl that I am; she asked me: EŞTI? In Romanian messenger shortcuts, that generally means 'are you there'. What it means without context is 'ARE you'. Do you exist. (girls cry, boys do too, they're not from different planets)

Kathleen Emery – Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Razorlight – Leave Me Alone

Guillemots – Cats eyes*

(Update. Sorry the Guillemots link got lost among the other mp3s. Took care of that though. People, you could just shout to me, oi girl, the links are mixed up. or something along those lines)

display kit

*I spent some time in the garden with my cat Gogol and her kits, she reacts to Guillemots in a very weird way, as if she's looking for another cat.

Stone Roses – Shoot You Down

DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3)

Ian Brown – El mundo pequeño



Erykah Badu – Appletree

(i get the feeling she'd smack me for posting one of her songs like that – ahem.)

Animal Collective – Turn Into Something

Jamie Lidell – Music Will Not Last

The Shins – The Past and Pending

These artists apparently have nothing to do with each other. That makes me laugh a sad little laugh.



8 thoughts on “Away

  1. Well I like just about everything you have recommended…
    (Except him… Can’t stand the singers voice…)

    I think some ppl feel safe by sticking to a few favourite singers.
    Then we have the curious ones, always on the lookout for something new…
    I guess I am one of them!.

    Did you think of Nikolai Gogol when naming the cat?

  2. doru, you are my inspiration. i mean hell, you gave me beirut. long live the cookshop baby! AND you're in directing school right. which makes you positively my hero, even though i don't have heros. Oh well then you're my ho. 😀

    Sparky go check out HiM right now! It's NOT, i repeat N to the O to the T the Finnish band (god am i actually referring ot them, His Infernal Majesty) we all know and hate. It's a very nice dubby electro sound for chilling out your loins to.

    And yes Gogol is Nikolai's namesake. Because Pushkin gets too much publicity in the cat department. mom calls her Google sometimes though. 

  3. you know, recommending music is cool. i like finding odd stuff meself and gettin people all hooked on it, friends & strangers alike. i think most people do. but still, i think one’s greatest discoveries are made by own will. surely there’s people who get stuck in music as they get stuck in life. complacency in music shows complacency in one’s own identity and will to explore/expand as human being. so if you learn to understand yourself better, maybe you’ll find more music to appeal to you too. but then again, that takes your own effort. cause otherwise you end up like my sis: getting stuck with Beirut or the Melancholy Flowers mixtape that i played her once, although there’s massive gb’s of music on the pc we share.

    on the other hand, not all folks have the time and energy to look out for new, intriguing stuff – to search for music blogs and read some tips/reviews, whatever. they may want something “fresh” and “original”, but when you stick it in their face, it won’t stick. it’ll just seems like random noise. at the same time, they get sick of hearing the same old stuff. i dunno.

  4. Music Will Not Last is my fav Jamie Lidell track.

    Hey, it’s ok Linda, you don’t have to waste any time arguing with me on messenger! 😉

  5. Arguing with you? Whatever for? 😮
    I like teh Jamie because the song is so saturated with music lasting!
    His inspiration for that track is just as good. It’s Matthew Herbert’s The Audience, and Dani has this lyric, even music will not last.

    doru, it’s so easy to look for music these days (with aggregators such as or the hype machine; but most people just can’t be bothered. like i said to someone, most of the people visiting mp3blogs don’t read them, they raid them for mp3s.

  6. I was just joking, although it’s early days and I’m sure we could find plenty of things to argue about. Did you bother with MSN Messenger in the end?

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