the word mixtape as you know by now, avid reader (or not) , conveys to me a complex act, involving to several degrees of inner torment both passion for music and placement skills. it's an entrepreneurial endeavour almost, an act of friendship, narcissism because you can't wait to see the reaction. music can only say so many things for you. then again you can't rattle on too much about it. and you can't prevent others from talking all over it when you play it for them (fools).

the mixtapes i used to do for myself were thus moulded: listen to radio preferably between 10 pm and 2 am on Mondays for classic rock, Friday nights for indie rock, Wednesdays for leftfield electronic; press record; pay attention to the song's curvature and predict if that lame-ass dj will step in with his tongue all over my music. No rest. I'd have the radio on, studying, reading, drinking, being idle. Waiting. whenever i run into an old tape (I don't throw them away even though I have most of the songs in mp3) i get a whisk of something, something specific like a smell, or a book i was reading, or a colour. so, accidental and lonely-late-night-radio-driven as they may be, mixtapes can mean something.

i don't like people that bring me something in sweaty hands (when you choose to forge a determinist destiny for yourself, you're usually nervous), i rather like a nice throw then a ceremonious gifting. Dear Eskiimo threw me a link (an provided inspiration for my preamble). Dear Eskiimo are Simon, Katie and Jules, they make pop music that on occasion cavorts with a propensity for "technicolour musicals". their music is stripped of snobby references and it's perhaps simplicity that attracted me to it.

Dear Eskiimo – Pretty mp3
Dear Eskiimo – Jo mp3

Mancunians of mortal descent, higher beings in happy-go-lucky mixtape realm.
what starts off all powerpuff-girls-in-a-30's-style-ad (redundantly harmonic vocal arrangement- or maybe i just forgot how euphony hears like) rapidly decants into a mesmerizing joyous mixtape for days both sunny and rainy. a tribute to their influences – the likes of Eels, Eminem, Depeche Mode, Phoenix, PiL, Gwen Stefani and a bit of Frank (I wasn't too happy about the Eminem, it's the only detail that seems a bit out of place); very little self-indulgence. harmony yes, harmony i love. it's exceptional because it's become so rare in something else than mainstream music, and there it's heinously lacklustre and disengaging.

myspace is misused by many an artist. They slack off creativity, information is scarce and so is humour. Dear Eskiimo know there's a job to be done, and they're driven. If they're not, it certainly looks that way. These are people who can make a near-flawless pop mixtape that doesn't force a highlight; a bucolic landscape for my ears. It's like riding a train instead of an aeroplane. You can relax, move around, feel the earth, talk to your neighbours, solve a murder mystery. I don't know if I make myself understood very clearly (probably not.. clearly; I know I can twirl subjects sometimes). OK here's the link.

Dear Eskiimo mixtape (mp3, 17.5 Mb)

A mixtape that rings true. With a plan, but still spontaneous.

And I hope that was an accurate portrayal of someone I don't know based on a mixtape 🙂 And I hope my radio story made me a complete buffoon to everyone, god bless.

Dear Eskiimo myspaciio


2 thoughts on “Eskiimo

  1. That was a nice 19 min and 6 sec drive on the countryside!
    Well there was a little bump on the road but that’s only good!
    Nothing is perfect… if it was it would be boring!
    I think I’ll take this trip again tomorrow!

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