Tyger in Beirut carries Weed?


TYGER short by Guilherme Marcondes – puppet meets CGI (via Veer) This has nothing to do with music really so you can just not watch the 5 minutes of what I think is wow. IMHO. Some people say they don't have time to exercise. Those people would have been banned from Ancient Greece.

The First Annual Weed Carrier Awards 😀 yessir we needed this one here (Nah right)

Like Lily's brother Alfie will never get laid, I never expected to mention MTV in another way than batting its silly voice down to cockroach whisper. And yet, bang your head on this wall for size- MTV asks Where Is The Voice Of Protest In Today's Music? A case study. Now I wonder why there was no MTV in the 60s and 70s and still people found a way to protest. Or maybe, uh, do you think… noo-oh. Perish the thought

Some of last night's Lily Allen show at Yoyo are here, my fave is this one, looks like a mighty nice show. But hey, I live in Romania.

Also go check out Gav's blog (I like this, makes it sound like we're all in an inbound-outbound link carousel between friends) – *drums* *bass* 🙂 Just like music.

happy choo chooI am now downloading Beirut's Gulag Orkestar at light speed (4 Kb/sec). Who turned off the lights baby. Every man is an island, and on my island the constitution reads You have the freedom to download from The Cookshop. Cheers to the cook, he runs the best damn music blog ever, I often forget to check stereogum or brooklyn vegan but cookshop – n- e- v- e- r. Like the chef says, Just do whatever it takes to get this. We must all have Beirut on the brain. Buying is an option too.

7 thoughts on “Tyger in Beirut carries Weed?

  1. Hi,
    Nice blog. Glad you the like the pics 🙂
    It was a “mighty nice” show, just a shame about the sound man who Lily sacked after the gig!

    Spent the millenium night in Bucherest… my god it was cold.. but fun. Really must come visit again, especially as there seems to be a good scene over there

  2. Thanks, I just meant that over here there is no scene.. So don’t be fibbin’, I can handle the truth 😀 Living in music wasteland as I do, seeing Lily in her crappiest state would be divine.

  3. http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/01-Beirut-TheGulagOrkestar(live).mp3
    Beirut – Live at The Lily Pad /Cambridge, MA /Saturday, June 24th, 2006

    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/06-Beirut-Carousels(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/07-Beirut-Maspeth(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/08-Beirut-Montauk(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/09-Beirut-Ederlizi(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/10-Beirut-AfterTheCurtain(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/11-Beirut-ClosingSong(live).mp3" /]
    [audio src="http://www.bradleysalmanac.com/songs/2006-06-24-Beirut-CambridgeMA/12-Beirut-SikiSikiBaba(live).mp3" /]

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