Spam me. Please do.

eat my coal
Hey kids i got spam today. Tons, enough to make a big-ass tuna spam sandwich out of.

As some were funny I wanted to keep them, but i decided it'd be better if I just showed you. Usually the spambots would leave a trail of links behind. Well these stupid links didn't work.I kindly denounce that issue to the spamsters.


Francis Timony Durgin I use a virtually unknown program called iTunes to merge MP3 files.

Jo Ann Zering I am now happily converting RealAudio files into mp3 format and experimenting with bit-rates. I’d better make some room on that mp3 player for Bucky!…

JoAnn Castle Wow!! I personally knew Bucky. I was the one who took him to Apple Computer and introduced him to Steve Jobs who gave him a tour of the Cupertino facility.

Hulk Hogan Wer Fuller selbst gerne einmal reden hören und sehen will, kann sich Aufnahmen seines legendären 42-stündigen Vortrags Everything I know streamen lassen (die Seite ist allerdings recht häufig nicht zu erreichen)….

Sounds like I should look into this Bucky character.

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