judah & secret

Judah Racham and DJ Secret Weapon, who sometimes go under the name Two Men From Tibet, like to think of themselves as the inventors of Tru Skool. They represent openness and honesty in the face of materialism and lies. They currently putting the finishing touches to the video for this track.
BBC – OneMusic – Ras Kwame
Judah & Secret doesn’t sound unsigned, or bona fide underground (what does that mean anymore) but here you go, they’re influenced by The Roots, Talib Kweli, Mos Def (before he pulled his rock guns maybe- nah he’s alright now, he probably just had a phase), Tribe Called Quest. I’m ‘a be teh honky and report that the beats are grooovy baby. Haha, word. Their album’s out too.

—– > You can download the Judah & Secret – Do What You Do mp3 here.


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