Looming DJ Shadow


Not busy Friday afternoon? Want to hang out with DJ Shadow and hear his new record, entitled The Outsider? Then head over to Island Records headquarters (located at 364-366 High St., Kensington, London W24) around 3:30 pm. Writing in his online journal yesterday, Josh Davis encouraged fans to join him as he presents the new music to his label. "Maybe I'll bring a portable CD player or something. We'll figure it out."


Although 3 Freaks does predict a change in the way the rooster's pointing, I don't think Mary Poppins'll be visiting DJ Shadow anytime soon, so let's not compare and contrast.

DJ Shadow, Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk – 3 Freaks mp3

4 thoughts on “Looming DJ Shadow

  1. But still, as he points out:

    Some have predicted that the whole album is in the hyphy vein like ‘3 Freaks’. To those people I say: RELAX YOUR BACK, YOU’VE ONLY HEARD ONE SONG. The album is very diverse, and reflects the fact that I don’t fit comfortably in any one genre. My critics see that as a problem, but I don’t…it’s simply the way things are. I’ve never really fit into any one clique. That’s why the album is called ‘The Outsider’.

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