A quick Coup

The Coup (Boots Riley and Pam The Funkstress) have been around for quite some time, 4 LPs-time actually, one of which you might recall had a rather scandalous portrayal of Boots and Pam blowing-up of the Twin Towers (before 9/11). Their latest release Pick A Bigger Weapon takes imagery to words- sly comedy, reactionary outbursts and the usual arsenal of a "raptivist" (OK it's the first time I encountered that word) striding with much ease in socio-political realities. No denying it's a protest, but there's no sign of a talking-to or a lecture, you're invited to listen not coerced into a large-scale revolution. If you're a good receptacle for funk and narrative hip hop, then you'll love this – and though I don't exactly live in the US I can "read" this – "BabyLet’sHaveABabyBeforeBushDoSomethin’Crazy".

The Coup – My Favourite Mutiny mp3 (feat. Black Thought and Talib Kweli) (courtesy of Epitath)

official site


DangerDoom in the spirit of online networking love for the fans do what Jamie Lidell once said every artist should do: when you have new material you can't sit on it for a year til it lays eggs, you have to get rid of it (in a nice way) and move on to new things, better music. Well the recent works of Danger Mouse and MF DOOM are being got rid of sequentially at AdultSwim beginning Monday, May 15. (via FilterMag)

One thought on “A quick Coup

  1. I got this a while back and really enjoyed. Really funky, and kind of refreshing in comparison to a lot of hip-hop that has been coming out lately.

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