I was thinking hip hop week

lp funkBut for that you'll have to check back later because I am all about LP Funk right now… Yeah yeah! I'm listening to Aesop Rock but LP Funk was looping on my music player beforehand. Lucas Papaelias as his folks might call him, is a-thumpin his guitar with an instinct for unmanufactured pop most artists can only dream of. The pop-appeal that Brooklyn Girls effectuates might leave some other tracks blemished, but it's only a minor dent; and they grow on you like fungus in a poorly ventilated space. However you gotta love this guy. He puts out a record and trying to buy it is like chasing the white rabbit.lpfunkrocks.com

Catch him at his weekly showcase at Jack's Stir Brew Coffee > 138 W 10th St. (btw 6 & 7 Ave), NY and ask him how much do you have to harass a guy to let you pay for his music.

LP Funk – Brooklyn Girls mp3

Note: This mp3 has been trimmed from a podcast, that may be so criminal of me. If you hear the 's' at the beginning congrats your hearing is just fine, but if you ignore it you'll then proceed to enjoying the song.

official LP Funk site


In other news stuff – is everybody going solo these days? Girls get pregnant, guys proclaim artistic independence. Thom Yorke, now James Dean

And you can pre-order Lily Allen. It's about the music, I still love her, and y'all are starting to act like hype is degrading. The bitchisms begin.


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