Employee Of The Month

I'm a sucker for experimental that sounds good. Because some musicians use it as a guise to parade about unsightly amalgams of courageous sound.

Now, when you're experimental, you don't really have a label, you don't use lyrics to get a message across, you sound like you've been produced by Sigur Rós, stepped on the toe by Mogwai and hugged by Esbjörn Svensson Trio until you caught their genius-enzyme… well that is art my friend and not fart. It's fantastic music for sweeping leaves with your eyes. Or whatever. Jumping off a carousel. I'm not going to say this will be big. But you don't know me well enough to trust my instincts, do you. Hm.

Employee Of The Month – Brainwave Corrupted mp3


You might also want to try: Kobra Audio Labs


3 thoughts on “Employee Of The Month

  1. actually you only own what you can hold is the sigur ros-like one, but i liked this one better, it's the track that made me listen.
    is commenting on your own posts undignified? i see it as a penpal thing.

  2. it’s not undignifying at all. it’s okay.
    and about the dreams,,, you seem to know something about it. also i am not a big believer in modern psychology, i would like you to tell me about this another dream i had today with carl jung’s interpretation.
    if you could give me your email address to mine (to keep it personal) here, active_red@hotmail.com , i’ll tell you what my dream was. i really need some answers

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