The Sadtowns

The Sadtowns

Top eardrum gear from five lads who say they're "psychedelia, perfect pop and streetwise indie cool". Hm. Well that doesn't sum them up, for me, their songs are perfect mellowed outrage (Alien Song is the perfect example), spacey and huggable (Why Ever Would I).

My favourite is the Alien one, it's mellow and easily dissipates into the background if you don't pay attention, but rest assured the weaving guitars will make you listen. For a song that isn't designed to be catchy, it is instinctively so mainly due to the chorus and the pun "popular to contrary belief". You can stream/download four of their cuts chez myspace. I am so becoming addicted.

linksy: myspace. website

Another fine Norwich unsigned act….Alan Southgate, Adrian Cooke, Rob Childerhouse, Tom Nelson and David Lincoln say of themselves that they 'have no lives'. Is Norwich such a Sadtown? Alan lives in a barn, Adrian owns a record breaking amount of Liverpool FC football programmes. Still, they make great music. (BBC onemusic)

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