I’m always late

but I'll put myself up in intensive care. I'm in limbo betwixt people who know too much music (some might say are obsessed) and people who wonder how i come across all the music I post (rightly some may say I'm obsessed).

regina live

Anyway I might be a bit late on this one, but Regina Spektor is back on track with a more poppish sound to alleviate our exhausting daily routine. Take the Regina route, tooh-day. Fresher than an orange juice squeezed right in front of ya. With a vodka twist. Not one to tag an artist, me, but if you dig Cat Power or Tori Amos, and especially if you don't, you'll like this. Or it'll annoy the heck out of you.

Regina Spektor – Fidelity mp3 (totally leeched this one)

You can also hear "Fidelity", "Better" and "Samson" performed live (redundant?) for Minnesota Public Radio here.



As for unsigned acts, there's one more that tickles me pink, though I really do think that if by now you hate Regina Spektor you should go to LoneLady and she'll provide some ammo for wanting to blast the entire world of its axis.


The second unsigned act I'm hoping to introduce this week are I R Tiger. Dyptich I like because it's instrumental. They list influences like Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine but I see a merging of Radiohead guitar and respectively electronic-weirdness eras.

I. R.Tiger – Dyptich mp3 (amazing)

Not much info about them yet, I get the impression their band line-up's a bit chaotic at the mo. 

Maybe I should wait a year or two before posting about things nobody's heard of. I don't want to be the mp3blog buffoon or snob, au contraire, when I hear good music I don't give a hoot where it comes from as long as my ipod would like it. I am against 60GB ipods because you lose selectivity and it's quite tragic. You can't have too much music, but you can have too music you forget to actually listen to. The good for the ipod tag i put on some posts means I have it on my ipod and it's not coming down soon. Rock solid beats, yeah. Love to you and your stable ipods, Linda. XXX


3 thoughts on “I’m always late

  1. begin to hope is amazing. i wasn’t too fond of soviet kitsch but this one doesn’t overdo it on the whole cuteness. samson is my favorite track 8)

  2. there are a couple of good songs on soviet kitsch, but I’m really looking forward to this one. samson is actually on her earlier LP Songs. you should check that out, oedipus is worthy too.

  3. the album leaked, i can send it to you if you’d like.

    oedipus is good, i have the song, but i have yet to buy “11:11” or the songs ep

    carbon monoxide and chemolimo and us are my favorites on kitsch. the rest will probably grow on me. oh except “your honor” i don’t like that one at all. whisper is kind of cute though.

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