any fucken thing that makes me delirious

is part of what influences LoneLady, a fantastic unsigned act that reminds me in part of PJ Harvey but raw and with what i'd describe as guitar-playing brought to its most intuitive fuel of nerve.


A bit of production magic could make her big- production for now being recording on a 4-track in her flat. LoneLady's been featured on BBC's onemusic Unsigned Podcast with a song that woke me up from whatever it is I was doing and continue to do so-

LoneLady – Cattlescars mp3 (goosebumps is all i have to say)

And there are two more to download on her myspace page. where you can also buy the EP for 4 pounds (but not if you're in Romania like me) Martin of Filthy Home Recordings offered to send me a free LoneLady EP seeing I was so bothered PayPal is discriminating Romanian users.. Goes to show, indie people are the best. Of course I didn't take him up on that, it wouldn't be supportive of the scene would it.

Take Your Medicine also seems to be partial to her, calling Hi-Ho "an incredibly indie-punk song". Yes indeedy.


Dude! You're splatting all over my post, but never mind, we'll have you fixed.

4 things:

  • Graphics-wise, I love Calexico's Garden Ruin cover art, and I ran into the process of its design in a completely random web-zapping session. Click the pic.

Calexico – Bisbee Blue mp3 Amazon slinky

  • Vanessa at Fierce Panda has come up with an original idea for her side-project (she already has an amazing podcast). Well maybe it's not completely original but to me it is because I can't find one single track here that i don't like. Which is so original. An mp3feed for the masses and the mollasses. Playtagger I love you and snail does too. List of songs that you will soon Subscribe to. rock the panda.
  • Audiography has lightened my day with an ode to that cool: Serge Gainsbourg's "Comme un boomerang" by Gonzales, Feist, and Dani. Let it rain with covers!
  • Sigur Ros seem to belong wherever their music is. Every time I see one of their videos I'm reminded of this. Saeglopur video.

Maybe we should name the snail 🙂


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