Ramona Córdova: twee-gypsy

Not that that's how he'd describe himself.

The Ramon
Ramona is Ramón Córdova's (pronounced Cordoba) stage name and a mighty serene stage he pontificates (it's actually his grandmother's name). An eleven track musical amusement – that's his description of The Boy Who Floated Freely. The boy named Giver 🙂 finds himself on a deserted island that at least has a gypsy bar. They welcome the stranded being, and here's his reply:

Ramona Córdova – Giver's Reply mp3 (recommended, totally)

Giver is led to his room by a very pretty young girl named Marcía who has been ordered to offer Giver a small dose of potion to help him better sleep. He accepts, only, the young girl adds a potion that makes Giver fall in love with her as well. When Giver falls asleep, he dreams of his brother and of other things that are heavy on his mind. When he awakes though- he feels light at heart, and he and Marcía sing a song together. Giver begins to realize he's in love, but does not feel he is old enough or wise enough to be suitable for Marcía. Although the love is there, by the time Giver truly allows himself to be fully taken over by his feelings, Marcía's love has grown dull. Giver is then left alone again, light and free as a paper airplane flying high above the sea.

Ah. No salvation there.

Ramona Córdova – One Day, Someday mp3


The epic line on this album reminds me of Gabriel García Márquez's saga One Hundred Years of Solitude, i.e. surreal details as a catalyst for the story. Now, who'd believe you have a bar on an island? But that's not the point! It's a compromise between you and Ramona. Listening to an artist and really getting to know and love him, is like believing in God I think. You have to rely on more than reason.


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