Indie Mixtape. Stoop to hype level

 UPDATE: the links are understandably dead, but the whole playlist is up on Grooveshark. Check it out.


download and make a goddam tape of this

for full size click the image of your choice 🙂

Tapes n’ Tapes 😉 dubbed the hardest working band in indie rock by Filter Magazine, with a cheery downer of a song that strums its way through highs and lows like heartbeat on acid.

Tapes n’ Tapes – 10 Gallon Ascots mp3

What I’m really into these days. The first movement (because it really does sound like several movements that cohesively build up into a classical concert, in an indie rock jazz kinda way) sounds a loke* Doves’ Black and White Town, but then the Guillemots’ identity resurfaces. (You have to believe I did NOT read the pitchfork review beforehand)

The Guillemots – Train To Brazil mp3

The Delgados are from Scotland, which like Montreal, has a terrific scene. This is an older 2005 song I am adamantly proud of (owning). Sunny and vivacious. Universal Audio review

The Delgados – Everbody Come Down mp3

A nice song, sparky. Official site.

The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why mp3

It rarely happens that I get ever so excited. Pop does speak to the heart. You can accuse me of over-hyping (hyping schmyping), I just had to post this funny jangly tune here. Indie for kids let’s call it, about her brother Alfie. You’ll love this if you have a funny tooth.

Lily Allen – Alfie mp3

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness. My new favourite Austinites. Partly due to the name of course, but a great name wouldn’t compensate for lousy songs anyway. Subliminal message massage: Hype them away please.

I love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According to Plan mp3

2 songs for download chez myspace

Bla bla. Green elephants and banjos on the mxipate. I can write anything here you’re not reading anymore *evil*. Just have a look at this. I had a friend say to me the other day, “you know, most people don’t consider the ‘universe’ every day like you do.” The rest is on their site actually.

The Impossible Shapes – Florida Silver Spring mp3

Larrikin Love, the punk-bluegrassers du jour. This one sounds like a very sober very cool Pete Doherty coming from singer Micko.

Larrakin Love – Edwould mp3

Be your own PET. I didn’t get the band name at first, but I wasn’t too interested. I rediscovered them in April, and have been, how you say, hooked =D

Be Your Own Pet – Ouch mp3

Last one already? Well uploading songs for an hour was just so much fun. No really it was. I don’t know why people complain. I really don’t know, I was thinking of White Rose Movement, but maybe there’s something more unhyped out there.

Let me know what you think of my mayhemiotic bunch. Bless you

*a lot like (join my inside jokes) 🙂

Gracias a hellopretty for the picture I warped in PShop CS.

9 thoughts on “Indie Mixtape. Stoop to hype level

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  2. Thanks Landon, it was exorcism for me – I had to stop these tracks from clogging up all my playlists. Turns out they make a fortunate gathering

  3. why rnt dere ne lyrics for alfie? its wel anoyin its da best song n dere aint n lyrics 4 it! get some k xx

  4. you r reli pisin me off naw k im from australia n me bf needs this 4 is work so hurry up n get em aight.

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