Pasty blast-blast

Pictures of tapes on Flickr look like they're other-woldly evidence, like someone had dug up a time capsule from their backyard and stared in disbelief while groping for the camera with a limp hand. Yes kids, bands used to be on a band of tape. (nonsense). But still, ignoring the scent of nonsense, tapes, man, TAPES were the first revolution in contemporary music file (whoot!) sharing history. Record companies were shitting themselves left and right, throwing hissy fits, heads had to roll because the nasty DAT would decrease record* sales and make them company bosses and executives be thrown out into the streets. Sound familar? But still, they're protecting their artists' interests. Yeah, and World War 1 started cos Franz Ferdinand got killed. Unfortunately you can't do enough caring for the artist belonging to a gordo grande label that gobbles up said artist's identity and money too.

*and records were records, not CDs so you couldn't write them on tapes- could you? this i don't know i know i should be more investigative but someone who did this will comment in an uproar, maybe

P.S. I don't support big labels, but to say i don't like certain artists signed to them would be lie lie lie. J'accuse! …And don't feel tres guilty for it.

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