Romania is very good. Good woman, good drink, good food. You know? Yes sure you know. If you not know, I tell you man. Romania is illuminated. Nah ne naw – don't go just yet. You really need to listen to this so just skip the reading if you wish and download your new favourite songs for chilling.

marta hristea melting potIlluminated indeed. For a while now I've been itching to share fluids with you. Yes with you. Hang about, what's this fluid crap. Hey I ain't talking about bodily fluids. The fluids surrounding the spectacular neo-jazz beats sheltered under the hood named Aievea. Furthermore, Aievea [Ahyévĕa] is just.. you know, cool. Like good films, good music is universal. It keeps a tinge of recognaissance of its own roots but it looks towards the sun. A band of many talents. Electric Brother and Vlaicu Golcea (double bass), Marta Hristea, vocals. Marta's incredible, a smooth suspended voice reminiscent of Cat Power. Let the sun shine in with this breezy bunch:

Aievea – Everything's Possible Tonight mp3

Aievea – Vision For Two mp3



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