Rocky pup of the Mazarin kind

What I define as a good band is by no means a limited view. In fact, my views keepmazarin disintegrating and bouncing around in a bunny-like manner. Mazarin are so diversely influenced I wouldn't know how to tag them; maybe I am not supposed to. I'm wide awake when I listen to them, I don't know if I should pay attention to the minor or the major chord, confusion, elation… yep. Good poppy rock. Or rocky pup.

This is the buzz of their bees that makes my knees swoop and my path un-narrow. (Widening the wide):

Mazarin – Another One Goes By (no right click involved here)

Mazăre means peas in Romanian which makes me think of them as little and endearing. I really can't be objective here.

And my formal introduction to Mazarin:

New American Apathy

 iTunes beckons (buy We're Already There)

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